Sunday, 19 March 2017

New Game: Tales of Ameria

So I worked on my newest game.
I have called it Tales of Ameria, though I am not sure if I will stick with it.

I created the whole city and the agency the first character works for.
I have created the intro in that way, that there is no narration.
Rather than giving away whats going on in a simple intro our character, Julia returns from vacation
just to get send upon a Mission since an evil influence has spread around a Hospital.

I think this is a more fun way to make the beginning rather than just some narration like in the order.

I made a few screen shots to show you the city and the majority of the rooms in the agency.
The agency has 32 floors but only one is really walkable, so there is quite a lot of place for me to fill if I see the need to.

The city in all of the glory that will be there in the first release, though I will probably make it bigger in the future:

 I haven't made any characters inside the city yet, so of course it will still change.
But I think the design is mostly done, maybe some adjusting here and there.

Next I have the pictures for the agency.
I created all the events for this one already, though I saw that I forgot to put any characters into the cafeteria, so still some thing to do there.

 I also recieved a picture for the first character I want to introduce the game with.
Her name will be Julia and she will be some kind of "Battle nun" inside the game. Her magic will mostly be for healing or buffing herself, though she will have some magic that will make qutie a lot of damage against dark type enemies.

I also plan to stream from now on Fridays from 18:00 - 20:00 (GMT).
So every one that wants to talk about my game, has some tips or tricks for me, or has an idea what I might put into it is more than welcome to come over.
I just start streaming for the first time so please be considerate. :P

Sunday, 5 March 2017

New Game Infos

I am currently working on the idea for a new game, and thought it might be good to tell you all a little bit about it.

Since I really liked the idea of my world in Saint Marcus I wanted to "build up" on it.
I don't have the files any more so will have to start from the scratch.

The world I envisioned would be a world were the mystical Creatures live kind of together with the humans. The humans had created some device that let them use magic, but over the time realised they now could see those creatures also. I would like there to be two different factions, one that is friendly to those creatures and want to learn from them or at least life together. The other would oppose to the whole idea of those creatures and do everything they can to make them disappear. Even destroying the devices that were created to lose their magic.

I envisioned there to be three characters that are always dragged into all kinds of accidents with some kind of mind altering effects. They would investigate and try to stop them.

I thought about one Nun like or spiritual character that gets send on missions to solve them.
One younger character that is a "natural" magician and just happenes to walk into them.
The last one I haven't a clear picture of yet but maybe some kind of "government" character, maybe police or some kind of intelligence agency.

The first story arc I wanna have inside a hospital were the nun/spiritual character goes in to find out more about strange rumors of patients and staff there. I thought about some "Mare" monster that enters the dreams of the patients and changes them through it.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

A long due post

Hello Every one,

I have been in active for quite some time on this blog.
I have had a really really bad year and got caught up in a lot of personal and problems at work and got really burned out. I don't really remember why I stoped posting here but it happened.

After a month of no posts I wanted to make a bigger one posting my current situation but never did it and it became more difficult to make a post once again. I used my time on vacationin Japan to sort out quite a bit of things, but there came new problems once again, though managable things.

I always worked on the game and published them and really like working on it, thus I never stopped that at least. Though the last bit kind of got difficult with all the Tear thingies. :O
Should have made it a little bit different but yeah. Maybe I willchange it sometime if I want to.
The game is now finished and I hope you all enjoy the endings I came up with. I made the Tear story much smaller than I thought I would make it, since I had a lot of ideas that just didn't fit the order so never could implement them properly.
Of course the succubus/sintra path are still not in the game so they will come as "DLC" later on.

I wanted to make a little break on the order before I started that though. I thought about making a smaller game like the last time with Saint Markus. I really would like to work on it again, but looks like you can't replicate the project files like with VX and I somehow deleted the old Markus files. Probably got lost when I formated my computer sometime.

I have had a few ideas I wanted to make, some smaller somebigger and will probably talk a little bit with Deva to make a much more sophisticated plan this time, since the order was always more like I write a little bit now here on the stroy next time there... and it got a big mess in the middle.

The story probably has more plot holes than swiss cheese. And there are a lot of chars I implemented into the game but never reallypicked up again, like the elite slaves of Sintra...

For the future,I will definetly make frequent posts again this year and definetly work on the old and new games so stay tuned for what will be published this year!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Version 3.5.2d

Have expunged more evil buggies.

I hope you all can now enter the elven village,
seems I changed the event there, but didn't think
about what happenes if you have already transformed into elves.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Order 3.5.2c

Hi guys,

made a new version for the game.
Fixed a few bugs in the maid castle, again... , and also reset the starting point to
the beginning of the game, not the debug room.

Link is here:!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Newest Version + Tiran bug fix

Ok the newest version got released yesterday,
but I wanted to take a look at the castle again before I make a post.

I think I fixed the problem with Tiran in the castle.
Haven't gotten to the tower problem yet, will take a look at
it as soon as possible.

You can now go into the elf town and speak to the people there,
you can also go to the fairy village, where are two little game overs.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Bug fixing, bug fixing, bug fixing...

Hello again everyone.

I had not nearly as much time I wanted to use on the game, with the marriage of a friend coming close.
I worked on the game and fixed a few bugs here and there.

The biggest bug is probably...
the teleport into the forest.
I have no idea how I could forget that one.
Tested everything inside the forest, but not if you could get there.
Really sorry about this fuck up.

There was a bug in Bernstein, that prevented you from doing the events in the castle.
I wonder when I changed that though...
The problem was inside the inn, where a variable changed the story variable by +7 instead of setting it to 7, which caused problems soon after inside the castle.

I also changed the problem with head gear making problems, holy helmet/cap.
If there are other items I forgot please tell me.

 Also got messages about the bunny/demon outfit to not change the characters hair.
I implemented an old system where equip would change the character sprite.
MAybe I will implemented it for the new outfits, wasn't able to do it yet though.

Here is the new version, where you can get into the forest.
Next time I will try to at least enter the area...