Sunday, 23 December 2018

Newest Version of Paraworld Heroes!

Again haven't been too active here.
I use Pixiv and Discord so much nowadays,
I totally forget about my blog...
Shopuld really change that though.

So here is the newest version of Paraworld.
You will be able to corrupt venture further into the corruption path,
following with Gine, Saya, Jaque and our dear maiden Marta.
The plan for the next update will be to corrupt all of the remaining chars,
coming into the last maps of this whole route.
Hopefully allowing me to start the normal route with the update after this.

Here is the link for the english version!

Monday, 5 November 2018

Totally forgot to make a post here...

Hi there every one,

with the whole discord going on,
totally forgot to make a post here...
If you haven't joined it,
just join the discord here:

I chat there everyday with all the
guys online, and we often have quite
a few interesting chats about future content
and a few pictures when I get something

I had made a new version for Paraworld just yesterday, so
take a look at it, for now only japanese, but look
forward to next week! ;)

Also have got some nice new CG from Merkonig:

 Really like how it came out!
You can see the events of her corruption in the japanese
version, the english version does not yet include it though.

Also some nice art from BigTreeLee came in too.
I wanted to have a title picture for the game and
asked him for a piture with Jeanne before a
church, once nice little girl, once as the evil corrupted
witch she really is... ;)

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Paraworld Heroes English Patreon Release

Hi there every one.

I just made a new version for Paraworld heroes.
Hopefully Deva will post it on the patreon soonish. :P

You will be able to play until the three girls are enslaved and a little bit off an skit afterwards. As said this was more of a test release to see how the whole mechanic works. Hopefully will be able to make a bigger release next time.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Paraworld Heroes, Orléans Arc

Hi there everyone,

I have just put up the newest version of Paraworld Heroes,
though only the japanese version for now.

You will take on a new world in this one where a character called Guilles will brainwash the poor maiden Artoria into becoming his newest servant, Jeanne.
They are all from the Anime Fate/Zero and will be the antagonist of this newest Arc.
Here the link for the newest version:!xFAWVCaY!36Pb2PSb9-ahrQ7iAKprGvSc-tlTMXYr6mrfIt7V9Ds

You will take on the role of Sophia, Charlotte and Marianne whom are all being influenced by Artoria/Guilles magic to come to the temple they all live next to and will be brainwashed there. You won't be able to win the map, since after X turns, Artoria/Jeanne will use her ultimate attack and take care of all of the three girls.

There isn't too much content, since I wanted to use this more as a mains to test/get comments on the newest mechanic of my game, which is pretty simple.
There will be special spaces on every map that, when stepped upon, will have the character being bound by evil tentacles. You will then have a few turns to save the girl through one of her allies, or else she will be "insta-killed" and taken hostage by the enemy.

Of course, if a girl will be "killed" normally on a certain map, she will not die, but rather be taken hostage by the tentacle as if she stood on the tiles.

With the next update I want to begin the split into two different routes.
The "corruption" route and the normal route. In the normal route you will be able to fight against Guilles and his slaves. All of your allies can be brainwashed there by him, leading to an bad end ultimately of course.
But with the corruption route I wanna do something I haven't really dulged into yet. On a certain map you will need to save the real Jeanne from being brainwashed(Not Artoria that has been brainwashed to think she is Jeanne),
if you succeed, you will be able to traverse onto the normal route, if you fail the map or don't make it to Jeanne in Y turns, she will be fully brainwashed, bringing you onto the corruption route.

So what is different on this route?
You will become the corruptor, not the victim!
The corrupted Jeanne will become your main character,
and you will search out for your former friends to brainwash
all of them to become Guilles slaves.
I think a lot of people like to corrupt others, not only get
corrupted, so I wanted to take on this side of the coin too!

As a last little thingy, I wanted to show all of you a
few new characters I haven't talked about yet!

One is Ericca, the female version of Eric, that has fallen victim to Guilles femalization magic like all the other characters of this arc.

The other characters might be known to you guys, if you know the fate games/animes. Let me say their names in their order just quickly!
Gudako/Ritsuka Fujimaru
Artoria/Saber Lilly

The Fate characters were created by LeeBigTree over on Pixiv:
He makes a lot of corruption stuff, so make sure to check him out!

Saturday, 1 September 2018

The last characters of the new arc!

Hi there everyone, this will be the last of
the character I will show you before we
move on to the next arc!

These girls will be like the village girls of the forbidden book.
I will probably make them also part of your team though
their corruption scene will be very brief and short.
They will also be part of the enemies army so there might
be a lot of these girls. :O
They have no real name yet, though from the fifth girl on,
they are all made out of the image of some characters of
a pretty popular game/anime/novel series, so you
might remember one or the other face. ^^

Monday, 27 August 2018

Our newest heroes!

Hello there every one,

I made a few characters that I want to be part of the
good guys. Their armor will most probably change,
as soon as I get the art for them.
These girls will all be former guys, that have been
turned into girls through the magic of Sophia that
had been enslaved by the evil overlord.

So let me introduce them!

Francious is the leader of the holy knights, and thus the boss of Marianne the girl that get's enslaved before you even enter the world. He is the a very proud and strong "guy" that has gathered all of his troops as soon as he heared that something is going on at the temple.


Jaque is the husband of Chantalle, the former major of the city. He is a very nice and joke loving "guy" that regrets believing into his wife too much, not realizing in which peril she really was.


Pierre is a colleague of Sophia at the holy temple. Just before the girls went to the temple, he was sent by Sophia to another village, being told that there was a strange presence there that needed exorcising. Upon his return, the girls were already completely brainwashed and under the control of the new overlord, leaving him only to flee to the capitol. After reporting his findings, he was turned into a girl just as the rest of the guys.


Oliver is like the ruler of the Orlean province. He is a very nice and kind ruler, offering to fight himself after he heared of the horrible story about the brainwashed women. He isn't as strong as most, but he has access to hidden magic of his country, making him a support character.


Gilles is a person with many regrets, after seeing his dear friend die through the hands of the countries royalty, he began to hate and despise his former comrades. After recieving a special order from a former friend, he decides to lend his hand to his people once more, entering the fight at the side of his dead friend.