Saturday, 27 May 2017

Tales of Ameria 0.0.1d public version

Hello everyone,

here is the latest version of my latest game Tales of Ameria.

For the full list of new stuff either read my latest post or take a look at the log file.

Here is the link:

I have been working on the game this week quite a bit and have now implemented the whole second floor with all kinds of NPCs so it becomes more lively too.
I also created a few events that deal with your roommate Lina that will either lead into her enslavement, or her feeling the hospital and giving you an item that might help you investigating a certain room much easier.

For the next release my plan is to complete the shift system with the last "Ward" shift and a few other events that will be on the third floor. I will probably also make a few other random events in the city to make it more lively, though I don't know if it will be in the next update or inthe one after this one.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Newest Version for the patreons!

Hello guys,

as I said I made a version for this week.
This time, including some bug fixes, you will have three new endings.

First is a new doctor on the first floor from whom you can get a
reward once you are brainwashed enough, once. If you get too
many rewards you will be enslaved of course.

The second on is a little bit "hidden" there are three items you
can find and give to Karin, the nurse in the agency. With all three
items, she will be corrupted by the items, wanting to become a nurse
at the hospital too. If you also get brainwashed fully, you can go to
the first floor of the hospital to find her and the doctor.

The last one is the new shift you can do. It will be inside the OR
and the nurse responsible of the OR will enslave you. The path
with Xentia will work a little bit different than the ER, to be more
detailed, the path will only proceed if yougo to her dorm room.
To "unlock" the dorm room speak to her while on break.
You will have different scenes for the work hours in the OR,
though you can only proceed by going to her room.

I also made two "different" nurse outfits. Since it is normal in a
hospital to have clothes for different nurses. I made the nurse
that works inside the ER greenish and the OR Nurse blueish.
That should show a little difference in the different types of

This version willbe avaiable for every next week, just like always
either become a patreon or wait another week!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Tales of Ameria progress & some info on the order

Hello every one,

I worked on Tales of Ameria once again and put in two new game over scenes.
Though I won't tell for now what they are!
I also put in the character pictures for Julia into the conversations now, thus making it possible to see Julia in all of her glory.
Something else I have been working on is making the world more "alive" by inserting more NPC's into the world. I created a lot of characters for the first floor of the hospital and think I will also do the same for the second floor before the next update.

I plan to make another release for the patreons next week that will have the new endings and another of the working shifts in the game. I haven't decided which one for now but I am strongly thinking about the OP Room ending, which will let you get enslaved by a sexy nurse while you try to give your best to help the doctors.

Lastly I wanted to tell every one about my plans for the Order of Light.
When I completed the main story, I wanted to have a little distance from it.
Thus I began my work on Tales of Ameria. I will of course make the other two paths for the order,
but I want to focus on one game, rather than create both games at the same time.
I want to finish the first act, the hospital, of Ameria before I get back to the Order.
I can't say for sure how long it will take, but would like the finish the first arc next month or the one after that. Then I want to use maybe one or two months for the order, before coming back for Tales of Ameria. When I make the second main ending of the order I will most probably work on the last one too, since changing between both games for every ending would probably be tiresome and
difficult for my audiance to follow the story lines when the game changes with every "major" patch.

This are the things I wanted to tell you all,
I wish you a nice mother's day and till next week.

At least I hope so...
Aggra :D

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Bug Fixes

Hello everyone,

I made a new version for Tales of Ameria.

I fixed a few things I found and got reports on, the most
important should be of course the problem with not being able to exit the agency.

I also added a hud, though with placeholder graphics.
I know I am really bad at it but still thought maybe I would
be able to get it done...
I might look for some one to make me some real bars.

Here is the link:

I also updated the order version with a new bug fix.
I have no idea why but the Odin palace was really bugged.
The events looks totally fine, the wall is totally fine
but for some reason you can't enter the door.
So I just put the event one field earlier thus you
won't enter the door but still teleport.
A little bit strange but now it works at least.

Here is the link for the order version:

Monday, 8 May 2017

Public Release for Tales of Ameria

Sorry for the late post, was a little preoccupied with work and totally forgot it.
Should make an automated post next time, much easier.

Here is the link for the game,
I hope you guys have fun with it!

Also feel free to post bug reports here or on the pervy blog,
always happy to help the game better for any one.

Also suggestions about the game also help, I made a vastly different
story telling this time and wonder how people like it.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Patreon: Tales of Ameria Release!

Hello every one,

I finished the first version of my new game, Tales of Ameria.

"In my newest game, Stories of Ameria you slip into the shoes of Julia, a young investigator for the ASP, Agency of Supernatural Phenomena who look into claims of supernatural sightings like demons, spirits, or metahumans around the world. In this first adventure, Julia returns from her vacation, looking into suspicious rumours involving trouble in a hospital. Will she be able to find out whats going on in time, or will she fall victim to mysterious influences and become the cursed hospitals newest victim?"

You will be able to play the first bad end route inside the hospital, though there isn't anything you can accomplish there yet.
There is also a bad end inside a massage parlor, where Julia get's turned into on of their slaves to service male customers in, all kinds of ways. Of course you can also try and beat them, but that wouldn't be fun right?

Another bad end for now is inside a convenience store where you can turned into his gravure idol if you are not able to beat his influence over you.

There is still a lot planned for the game, especially creating all kinds of NPC that juts walk around, since the game is kinda empty right now.

The release for every body will be next week!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Release next week hype?

Hello everyone,

I was more quite than I actually thought.
I was pretty sure I had made a post two weeks ago...

Well I made good progress on the game.
I have completed the ground work of the hospital
and one of the "work" fields you can do.

My plan is that you start as a new nurse and can "choose" where you want to work for that day.
I have currently three planned field, ER, OP and the ward.
Though the ward is planned to be behind a little wall you first have to climb over, though that can change of course. The plan would be to go into the ER a few days to get your own patient.
When you got him you can work at the ward too. But it is still only a plan that I might change.

I have also create one full short event with an pervet that sends you into another dimensions he created to turn you into one of his new gravure idols. Thought it might be strange to make this mind break over more than one "session" so I made it into one, lose or win event.

Another I have currently ready is a massage parlor that just opened.
You can go there to heal yourself for free, campaign!, and they will try to change you into one of their little massage "slaves". It will be much slower and will be affected or rather incorrelation with your "Brainwashed" stat.

The brainwashed and corruption stat will be two different ones that are heavily affiliated with each other. The corruption stat goes from 1 to 100 and if it reaches 100 it will trigger a small event where Julia will talk about how she felt a change in herself. This will increase your brainwashed stat by one and put the corruption to 0, even if you had 99 corruption and used an event that raises your corruption by 50 you won't be at 49 but at 0.
The corruption stat will change pretty much over every "work day". Most shift, or all probably, will increase your corruption by a set amount. At your breaks or while working there maybe some events or things you can do that either reduce, or more often raise it even further.
There are other things in the world that will increase it,massage parlor, doing something naugthy, random events, or decrease it, sleeping ,taking a bath, some random events.
The brainwashing stat on the other hand will not be able to be reduced.
Once it goes from 0 to 1 it will stay there. The idea I have is that it will dictate how people around you behave or interact with you.
As an example I would take the shifts you can do, at the start you feel something strange going on but can't place it, then you will start to like it more, till you take it for completly normal.
The people, as said above, will also change. In the hospital they will more likely accept the strange things as normally. Maybe do something naugthy here and there. In the massage parlor they will slowly start to like the massage more and more, till they are completly hooked and need their fix. They might even get their friends into the parlor to make them too slaves of their "masters".

Currently the ER Room shifts are done including the "hints" and information about the things going on. You will always have to shift of work and a break in between. At the break you will have actions avaiable to search or interact with things to find out more. The number of actions depend on the brainwash level you currently are at. The more brainwashed, the more dissoriented and desinteresed you are. Why search for clues if you can just wait for your next naughty adventure?

The plan currently is that you find different items and clues and either bring them to the agency to get them analized, pink plastic gloves with powder that make any girl horny, or get some information from the staff about the "mastermind" behind it all, a computer talking about some demon helping the xxx.

When you get enough hints you can either challange the master mind, or maybe search around some more to find more information about how to battle him and get even more of an edge against him.

I also got the pictures for Julia ready though I will probably change them a little bit in the emotion part. Thus I will show you all of the expressions with the nun costume, and then the other costumes with the normal expression.

Let's start with the costumes:

 Because of the gravure Idol event, I will probably want to have a swimsuit outfit too.

These are the emotions I currently have. The thing that I wanted to change, or rather
accomplish would be to exchange the eyes and mouthes. So that every eyes pair, is ones avaiable
with every mouth. The mouth at my disposal would raise up by much more, though I then have
quite a few that wll probably never be used. But I think it is worth the work.
No idea how long that will take, but I am optimistic to get it done in an hour or two.

I would like to make a release next week with at least another of the shifts done and maybe another event. Though the hospital fight will probably not yet implemented by then.
All in all there will probably only one fight or maybe a second or third one but no random
fights for now. I will probably do this different in the next story arc.
Didn't want to fight poor little nurses after all. ^^