Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Version 3.5.2d

Have expunged more evil buggies.

I hope you all can now enter the elven village,
seems I changed the event there, but didn't think
about what happenes if you have already transformed into elves.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Order 3.5.2c

Hi guys,

made a new version for the game.
Fixed a few bugs in the maid castle, again... , and also reset the starting point to
the beginning of the game, not the debug room.

Link is here:!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Newest Version + Tiran bug fix

Ok the newest version got released yesterday,
but I wanted to take a look at the castle again before I make a post.

I think I fixed the problem with Tiran in the castle.
Haven't gotten to the tower problem yet, will take a look at
it as soon as possible.

You can now go into the elf town and speak to the people there,
you can also go to the fairy village, where are two little game overs.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Bug fixing, bug fixing, bug fixing...

Hello again everyone.

I had not nearly as much time I wanted to use on the game, with the marriage of a friend coming close.
I worked on the game and fixed a few bugs here and there.

The biggest bug is probably...
the teleport into the forest.
I have no idea how I could forget that one.
Tested everything inside the forest, but not if you could get there.
Really sorry about this fuck up.

There was a bug in Bernstein, that prevented you from doing the events in the castle.
I wonder when I changed that though...
The problem was inside the inn, where a variable changed the story variable by +7 instead of setting it to 7, which caused problems soon after inside the castle.

I also changed the problem with head gear making problems, holy helmet/cap.
If there are other items I forgot please tell me.

 Also got messages about the bunny/demon outfit to not change the characters hair.
I implemented an old system where equip would change the character sprite.
MAybe I will implemented it for the new outfits, wasn't able to do it yet though.

Here is the new version, where you can get into the forest.
Next time I will try to at least enter the area...

Monday, 6 June 2016

Queen problems

Apperently there are some problem with the queen event.
Couldn't find anything wrong with itself, but after some search I found that you couldn't move back from the fortress to the town because Niltaru would say she need to become the vessel.
I think I kind of oversaw this one for some time. Now you will be able to cross this again.

I also changed the teleport point from which you get send to from the Queen event.
You will now be south of the PoS town, just were you need to go, just to save the players some time of unneeded walking around.

What I could change too, was the problem with Sintra beeing shown after the event at the order.
Searched inside the code for the bug, but didn't think about the event itself.
I finally found the bug in the event and changed it so she won't be shown after the event anymore.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Order 3.5b

So here is the public version of the newest Order Version.
I made a few changes in the game, some bugs though the bigger change is Hilde and Niltaru Elf sprites. Now when you go to the map before the elf village, you will be able to change into real elves as Hilde and Niltaru. Currently I only plan it to be inside the elf village. But if I get some input to let them change more freely, I may change the system. :D

For you all I made a screen of Hilde in her elf form, since I had a Niltaru pic already posted.
I think... just in case I will put both up once again.

I will also look for the next update to maybe change the system so, that when you input a certain key, the mesage will disappear, leaving only Niltaru and Hilde visible.

I also started a twitter for more frequent and smaller progress I make on the game. I plan to make a post every few days to keep everyone on status quo. Since I am completly new to twitter,
I wouldn't mind any tips or general input on twitter and how to give you guys some better infos about my game/games.
The twitter is:

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

New update for all this weekend

Hello everyone,

this weekend I will present you all the next update.
This one will be about the elf village Hilde and Niltaru will visit next.
Though you won't be able to enter village just yet.
Since the village inside a forest, I thought about making a few things to discover there.
For now you will be followed by a wolf that stalks you while you are inside the forest.
It will slowly come closer to you and then try to enslave you.
There will also be a pond that got corrupted by a higher being, that you have to cleanse in order to also defeat the wolf itself. There will be a reward of course for cleansing both of them so look out for it.
The plan for the rest is maybe one or two other optional places, a fairy village that gives you a reward for cleansing the pond and also has a few scene ,I think, and of course the elf village that will be the biggest part of this part of the game.
There will be three "groups" fighting for dominance of the village.
One will be the normal elves with the elder of the village trying to break the strange influences in her village.
The next one will be the dark elf that came into the village some time ago. He will be one of two pathes for this village.
You can either help the elder or the dark elf, either "saving" the elves or turning all of them into happy slaves of the dark elf.

The last group inside the village will be a agent of Sintra, trying to take over the village for her new goddess. Though she already lost most of her companions to the dark elf, she still tries to find a way to recruite the other girls for her goddess.
I may make an ending for her group, but don't plan to make any bigger impact with her.
She will probably be one of the stations in the Sintra path later on.

For now there is an event for changing Hilde and Niltaru into elves, but I haven't gotten to make the pictures for both of them. Currently I have only Niltaru and will try to make a picture for Hilde too.
I just took the ears from RPGMaker MV and copied them onto Niltaru to be honest.
But I think they fit quite good into the style.

I am also currently working on a twitter account to make more often posts there.
Also hope to become more active in the blog since I always forget to do this.

Well that is all for today so cya!