Sunday, 14 January 2018

Some Info about the new arc

Since I should be able to start my work on the next chapter in the near future,
 I decided to share a little bit of information about it's contents!

Sertera the neighboring town of Alamia, the town Julia lives in.
There you will attend Academy of Magics and Powers, a school for all
the people with magical and other special abilities. Trying to teach them the
right way to use them and benefit the whole of the human and other races.

Academy Students:
As mentioned in the little christmas game, Yuuka is a student of said school
that is the leader of the Kyudo Club(Japanese Archery). She is a young
adult that comes from a very magic potent family. She likes all things
about magic and phenomena and tries to learn as much as she can.
She is a shrine maiden at the shrine of tranquility, just like her mother,
and helps them with all kinds of smaller problems.

I haven't decided on the main male character of this arc yet but
he will be Yuuka's childhood friend that always loved her. He will
try to get her attention by helping her in any way he can, though
he is not working at the shrine.

One of Yuuka's best friends and main character of the christmas game.
She is a very open and happy girl that likes to make jokes and
flirt around. Though she is a can become very stern when she is
on work as a shrine maiden.

As a dragon girl, Hime is a very powerful magic user. She is very prideful
in her heritage and thinks of other humans/phenomena to be beneath her
and only worth of serving her. She will try to turn Kouta/Yuuka into her
little servants, following all of her biddings. Her power can influence
others to obey her, their princess, and start to whoreship her as if
they really were the servants of a princess.

A succubs girl, that is normally a very shy girl. But when she finds
a person that she really likes, she can't keep her pheromones and
magic seeping out of her and influence others. Feeling bad about it
later on, she tries to cope with it through masturbation, which can cause
other mishappens just as often!

Mary is a vampire girl, that often uses her hypnotic skills to let other
do her work. She has become kind of an idol at the academy, look up
by many of the guys, and even more girls. Many want to be part of
her group, or at least do something for her.

She is a little chubby girl that likes to eat. She is very friendly and
always tries to make friends, loving to do a lot of skinship with
others. People really like her and there is almost no one that
really hates her. A reason for that would be her skin that oozes her
slime on others, making them much more happier to be in her
presence than to be apart of her.

There will be a few teacher that may try to influence our
poor heroes. Trying to use hypnosis or other powers to
make them their own slaves.

Main Story:
The main story will be about the cult of happiness that has been
hinted about in the arc 1 and the christmas game. The cult will
have some meeting with the sport clubs, school council and
the moral discipline squad. There they will try to bring them
on their side and thus take control of parts of the school.
It will then be your task to either help them as a new follower
of the cult, or try to stop them in their plans.

I want to turn this arc to be part of two people, Yuuka and
the Hero Kouta. Yuuka and Kouta will both be trying to
stop the cult, and both can be enslaved by it of course.
Yuuka, as captain of the Kyudo club, will be a much higher
priority target of the cult, so Kouta will try his best to
protect her/save her from their influence. She will try
to find out more about the cult and who is leading it,
and take down their leader for good.

Of course there will be much more side things to do as in
the first arc that I haven't planned fully yet. But this
is the gist of the game. I haven't decided yet fully how to
let you take control of the girl/guy yet or how they
can interact with each other, but will talk to you guys
more if I got more into it.

You can tell me your ideas about how to handle it of
course, maybe I get a good idea from that or just steal
it from you! ;)

Monday, 1 January 2018

Localization and Poll about next Chapter/Arc

Happy new Year to you guys!
I hope you have a wonderful year, and have at least an even better year before you!

I wanted to thank all of you for your generous support and all the bug reports that you gave me!
I don't have anything big to talk about my game yet, but will give you guys a little poll about the next chapter/arc. As I am currently translating the first arc of Ameria into japanese, a little side project I wanted to do for a long time, though OoL was already too big for me to translate anymore,
I didn't have too much time to move forward on the programming side, since from here on out I want to release both versions simultaneously. 

But for the next arc I wanted to have a few "monster"/"phenomena" girls that should be one of the more important side characters. And I wanted to hear you guys what kind of girls you would like to see, thus I created a poll for you to submit on.
Beware though, the girls will mostly have a humanoid appearance, since they live for 1000 years together with humans, disguised as those, they have accepted their humanoid forms very heavily.
Though in later arcs, these girls will most probably reappear as real monster girls, or if you have to fight with them while they got angry, you accused them of something or want to exorcise them, then they will appear in their "true" form before you. Here is the link for the poll:

If you have other cool ideas for monster girls, feel free to post them in the comments!

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Little Christmas Special

Hello every one,

as promised here is a little silly christmas game.
You will be investigating the house of father christmas, after he sought the help of the shrine of tranquility. His elven helpers have been changed as of late, turning them into silly pranksters.
Other elves that fell for the traps too have seen to be changed by those naughty girls.

Miyako is to search out the traps and see to it that no other elves will run into them.
The question though, won't Miyako fall for the traps?
Or will she become just as an evil little elf as the others?

I plan to use this project as a little side stories that might become avaialbe from time to time.
Like little seasonal things, or maybe a back story or prequel to new arcs.
An idea I had was that you might take on the part of the person that tries to change the world(as an example you would play as the doctor from the first arc). Or maybe as one of the victims trying to escape it, with out success.
If that would be something of interest for you guys, feel free to write me a little comment.

For now, enjoy my little game:

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Good day everyone!

I hope you are doing fine on such a good day.

I thought about releasing the game yesterday,
but since christmas is such a nice thing, I thought
it would be much better suited to release
it today!

So here is the final version of the order of light!
You will be able to complete the game in all
of the three main routes, normal, sintra and demon.
If you find anything, feel free to give me a
message, as I will still make bug fixes for
the game.

I also released the Xentia CG last week so
here is the little preview!
As the last times, the talented Sebastian has made this one and I really like how it came out!
If you want to see it in the game itself, feel free to download the version here:

If you like my work and want me to get some nice new CG for my games,
I will always appriciate a little donation or a patreon subscription.
So if you are interested I will leave a link here. ;)

The other little game I have been working on will hopefully come out tomorrow/the day after.
I will most probably release this for everyone at the same time so... look out for a new blog post!!!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

The end of a Saga

Hello every one,

here I am again with a final release for the order.
Well hopefully at least. :P

I have now completed the whole order Saga with the demon path now fully implemented.
In the last bits of the path, you will  enter the capital where you will spread the prayer upon the normal citizens. The corrupted people will then further spread your prayer to other people!

When you have the whole city corrupted you will be able to take on the master of the order and even Sintra! After that there will be a few short events with the gods, showing what they are now doing with their power, or seeing their final moments before they are enslaved. I didn't want to make any fights with the gods,since I think the other paths too didn't have any content like that.
Well except Hercules which wasn't really a real fight. :P

So next week will be the release for every one, this week once again only for the patreons!
So look out for it next week!

As a little extra, I have comissioned a new CG for the Xentia scene.
I really really wanted to make yet another part of the Xentia things that just needed to be done.
In this CG she will sit on her throne with Julia and on of her other slaves looking up at their mistress Xentia in her bondage gear. I really like how it came out so this will be release too this week, and next week for every non patreons person!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Newest Version of The order!

Here is the newest version for all of you out there!

As said, you can now take over the nun fortress and turn them into fellow followers of a new way of praying. The next update will be about the castle city where you will introduce your fellow members of the order to your new cult and turn them all into pleasure slaves!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Newest Order Version for our Patreons

Hey guys,

I just have released a new version for the order of light for our Patreons.
With this content release, Niltaru and Hilde will be invading the
portal of shadows to deal with the nuns that are a constant threat
to the demons and their plans. With the help of their new succubus
powers and the abuse of a very special technique all of the nuns
are using, Niltaru and Hilde shall be succesful in their quest.
With the conquering of the nuns done, Niltaru and Hilde will
proceed to their next goal, the capital of the country to
take on the order and Sintra herself, though that will be part
of the next, and probably final release for the order of light.